Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Thanh Nam Branch announced the auction of collateral of Hoang Long Embroidery Garment Company Limited as follows:

1. Property Information Auction:

- Real estate: Land use rights and land-attached assets under the Certificate of land use rights to own houses and other land-attached assets number BP382942, BP382941, BP382940, BP382939, BP382938, BP382937, BP382936, BP382935 issued by People's Committee of Yen Khanh district to Mr. Phan Anh Duc on November 15, 2013 (The assets have been contributed capital to Hoang Long Garment and Embroidery Co., Ltd.).

- Real property: Assets are 372 sewing machinery and equipment,

2. The reserve price of the auctioned asset:

Sale of all Assets with the starting price of VND 10,994,000,000 or in case the customer wishes to purchase each type of property individually, retail sales are as follows:

- Assets 1 – Land use right and assets attached to land: VND 7,264,000,000

- Assets 2 – 372 sewing machines and equipment: VND 3,370,000,000

Principles of property sale: Priority to customers buy package 2 above. If there is no customer buying the package, the customer registering to buy any property will organize the auction of such property.

The above prices do not include VAT and costs associated with the transfer process. All expenses related to the transfer of ownership / use of the property, including registration fees, name transfer fees, notarization and other costs (if any) will be paid by the auction winner.

3. Time and place of auction:

- Time to sell dossiers and submit dossiers for registration for auction participation: From Mar 22, 2022 to Mar 28, 2022 (during office hours)

- Auction time: At 9:00 p.m. on Mar 29, 2022 - Auction location: Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam

- Thanh Nam Branch, address: No. 80 Dong A Street, Hoa Vuong Urban Area, Loc Vuong Ward, Nam Dinh City, Nam Province Dinh.

- Contact: Directly to the National Partnership Auction Company No. 6, Phone number: 0944.957.157 Mr. Trong or contact BIDV Thanh Nam, Mr. Pham Van Thuong - Corporate Banking Department - Tel: 0228.3633634; Mobile: 0936636166; Mail:

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Thanh Nam Branch is pleased to announce!


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