On 15 January BIDV officially inaugurated its new Webportal at www.bidv.com.vn.

Putting high priority on customer experience, the Webportal has both new design and features, and prides itself on being a modern, friendly, secure and inspirational banking portal.

With consultancy provided by experienced international experts with in-user experience and employing the most advanced technology solution of IBM (IBM Websphere Portal), the Webportal brings customers a new experience and new utilities such as online calculation tools (interest rate calculator, exchange rate converter, personal and business financial plan formula), smart search and real-time interaction. BIDV’s Webportal will meet the different banking services needs of both individuals and businesses.

The Webportal fully meets the conditions and capabilities of an official information channel for the bank as well as a trading channel, integrating convenient online banking solutions such as account opening, money transfer, bill payment, credit card and debit card opening, amongst others.

BIDV Webportal is also equipped with security features, such as safeguarding transaction information and customer information.

The inauguration of the Webportal demonstrates BIDV's efforts in bringing greater utility and enhancing customer experience. It reflects the bank’s determination to implement digital banking services in accordance with customers' needs and the trends of modern banks.

Caption: BIDV management board and representative of Tinh Van – Infonet contractor officially inaugurate BIDV Webportal



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