On 16 May 2020, in Hanoi, BIDV was honored with its 6 excellent high technology applied products, including: BIDV-Ezone system; BIDV Paygate system; Automatic deposit investment system and bilateral payment for Vietnam Social Security; BIDV’s bank statement system; Cross-selling management system - BIDV Sale Power; and Sales support mobile application for corporate customers named B.Sales.

BIDV-Ezone is the modern electronic banking experience area for customers, a new form of interaction to help customers access to banking products and services in an active and quick manner. BIDV-Ezone provides self-service via touch screen and tablet instead of traditional counter-service. The functions at BIDV-Ezone allow customers to easily make transactions such as deposit, withdrawal, savings, money transfer, account opening registration and many others. The information customers need to declare on E-form is much simpler and faster than on traditional documents. After the initiation step, the information customers input will be transferred directly to the counter to complete the procedure without further input.

Ms. Le Thi Thanh Yen – on behalf of BIDV Retail Banking Department – received the award in honor of BIDV-Ezone

BIDV Paygate is an online payment gateway system for Fintech partners linking e-wallets. The system provides APIs of authentication services, banking payment for third parties, e-commerce exchanges and public services; providing APIs to connect businesses with collection and payment needs, etc. to help create a cashless payment ecosystem and e-commerce. BIDV Paygate has outstanding advantages: Expanding bank services, connecting with Fintech partners, payment intermediaries and service providers; Applying Open API technology for quick and flexible integration... During the deployment process, the product has received a lot of positive feedback from Fintech partners and collaborative enterprises and customers.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Kien - Deputy Director of BIDV Digital Banking Center received the award in honor of BIDV Paygate

The automatic deposit investment and bilateral payment system for Vietnam Social Security is built to meet the specific requirements of the Social Security operation, including 2 components: (i) Automatic deposit investment - providing daily information about deposit interest rates; automatically exchanging deposit data; automatically closing deposit contracts; settlement notice; automatic reporting  on deposits; and (ii) Bilateral payment – making payment of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance at the bank counter and via other payment channels of BIDV including mobile banking and internet banking; Transaction reconciliation; Interest payment; Statement of interest calculation; Balance statement; etc). The program allows individuals and businesses across the country to easily submit social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance at the counter or via internet banking, mobile banking. The program also allows Vietnam Social Security to easily manage cash flow with automatic tools.

Mr. Nguyen Tuong Linh - Deputy Director of BIDV Information Technology Center received the award honoring the automatic deposit investment and bilateral payment system for Vietnam Social Security

The bank statements system is a program to provide customers with their statements in a variety of forms, from the receipt at the counter to the statement via electronic channels such as email and swift, in standard bilingual (Vietnamese and English) excel, pdf, or Swift format standard: MT940, MT950 and MT942. In addition, the program also provides customers with debit/credit notice with details of transactions, either via a counter or registered email. Customers can also request irregular statements at any time, or receive periodic statements and notices daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly. Periodically, the program will automatically send statements via email or swift. Not only beneficial to customers, the program also makes it easier for BIDV staff to work on bank statements and debit/credit notices.

Ms. Ngo Thi Lien Huong - Director of BIDV Customer Service Center received the award in honor of BIDV’s bank statement system

The Cross-selling management system (BIDV Sale Power) is an application that analyzes data through the Customer Lifetime Value index, which automatically proposes products to sell to customers with the goal of optimizing the value for both customers and the bank. For some customers, BIDV Sale Power has proposed products that customers were actually in need but having no thought about. The system has many utilities to shorten the time for tellers and customers such as automatic printing of forms, viewing 360-degree customer information, controlling sales situation...

Mr. Nguyen Tuong Linh - Deputy Director of BIDV Information Technology Center received the award in honor of BIDV's cross-selling management system.

Sales support mobile application for corporate customers (B.Sales) provide the bank branches with proactive sales support tools, contributing to increase cross-selling rate and cross-selling effectiveness. The program provides information on products and services, promotions, motivational mechanisms, marketing publications and policy mechanisms according to each segment of corporate customers; information about fee schedule, interest rate, exchange rate of the whole system, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long - Director of BIDV Information Technology Center received the award in honor of Sales support mobile application for corporate customers (B.Sales)


Receiving 6 Sao Khue Awards 2020, BIDV once again affirmed the reputation of a leading commercial bank in ready for the development and application of information technology (ICT) in Vietnam. BIDV has continued to focus on promoting modern distribution channels and is now becoming a pioneer bank to apply the achievements of the industrial revolution 4.0 into operation and always strive to bring these products and services with best value to customers.

This is the 8th consecutive year (since 2011) BIDV has honored with Sao Khue Award for total 18 products. Previously, the bank has received 12 awards for the below information technology applied solutions:

  • - Online payment gateway system for securities companies - BIDV@SECURITIES
  • - Online bills payment
  • - Electronic tax payment information exchange portal
  • - Application for handling quick wire transfers from other banks to BIDV - IMAP
  • - BIDV HomeBanking;
  • - Online service registration
  • - Invoice management software
  • - BIDV iBank
  • - Identity management system (BIDV IDM);
  • - Robotic Process Automation - RPA
  • - Remittance payment gateway for individual customers
  • - Bancassurance System Management - BSM

For further information, please contact:

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam JSC

Tel: (+84) 024.22205544 - Hotline: 19009247

Website: www.bidv.com.vn


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