On 11 June 2022, BIDV launched an integrated version of BIDV iBank digital application (Omni BIDV iBank), providing institutional customers with a seamless experience and outstanding features.

Diverse digital ecosystem 

Omni BIDV iBank is a digital banking application for all corporate customers offering a uniform and seamless experience on both platforms Website and mobile. Transactions conducted on mobile devices will be stored and further processed on the website platform and vice versa, helping businesses to perform financial/non-financial transactions anytime, anywhere.

Omni BIDV iBank offers a diverse digital ecosystem such as cashflow management services for corporations and businesses with many unit members/branches to maximize the demand for capital; Online bill payment service to meet the needs of invoice management and collection for businesses; Collection service through virtual accounts to meet the needs of sales revenue management of enterprises; connection of businesses’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with the BIDV iBank system that helps customers directly use banking services right on their ERP system.

Many other features and products are also available on the app such as Automatic salary payment; Domestic and international money transfers, Online term deposit, tax payments to the state budget, payment for social insurance, health insurance according to an automated mechanism; trade finance, foreign currency trading without having to return the original transaction documents, helping to save time for businesses.

Omni BIDV iBank - Outstanding digital experience for corporate customers

BIDV iBank has also added and upgraded functions such as payment management by customer groups; password reissuance via BIDV iBank; sending documents containing digital signatures.

Mr. Mai Ngoc Thuan – Chief Financial Officer, De Heus Asia Group said:

As an enterprise operating in the agricultural sector, De Heus has many partners in provinces and cities across the country. Therefore, the features that we use the most on the iBank system are domestic money transfer, salary payment and statement-based payment. In every transaction with our partners, we always ask for accuracy, speed and convenience. We are very satisfied with BIDV iBank.

Brand-new mobile app

BIDV has also introduced to customers a brand-new BIDV iBank application on mobile devices (Mobile app) with a user-friendly, modern and easy-to-use interface. Compared to other applications in the market, the Mobile app version provides full features for customers.

Customers can easily inquire about current account, time deposits, loans, guarantees and international transfers (Swift GPI); Initiate, confirm, approve transactions such as domestic money transfer, term deposit, bill payment, periodic bill payment registration, tracing, etc.

BIDV iBank version for mobile devices applies a variety of new technologies in the fields of banking and finance to provide smart and convenient banking services for customers. The mobile app allows customers to customize the interface according to their personal needs. Employing a multi-layer security, BIDV iBank ensures safety and risk prevention for businesses.

BIDV iBank allows users to customize its interface

Launched in 2018, BIDV iBank has become a key application in the journey of digital transformation and business development of many businesses and corporations both domestic and foreign. BIDV iBank has been highly appreciated by many domestic and foreign organizations with the following awards: The most innovative digital application in Vietnam 2021 (as voted by Global Banking & Finance); Sao Khue Award 2022 (awarded by Vietnam Software Association - VINASA).

The launching event of Omni BIDV iBank

As of 31 May 2022 BIDV iBank has been used by nearly 90,000 customers, an increase of nearly 200 percent compared to the beginning of 2020. In which, the number of customers using financial service packages accounted for 82 percent. The number of transactions in 2021 increased by 85 percent compared to 2020 with the total revenue generated through BIDV iBank in 2021 reaching VND5.8 quadrillion (USD256 billion).


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