Following various campaigns to join hands in taking care of people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, BIDV has offered 18,000 sets of meals to Hanoi Youth Union under phase 5 of the program “Million Meals - Hanoi’s Love”.

On the afternoon of 8 October 2021, BIDV’s representatives presented 18,000 meals to the program’s Organizing Committee, continuing to affirm BIDV’s responsibility to the community and spreading the message of “Hanoi’s Love - BIDV’s Heart”.

The program “Million Meals - Hanoi’s Love” was organized by Hanoi Youth Union in response to the call of Hanoi People’s Committee on mobilizing the synergy of the whole political system in the fight against the pandemic, taking care of the citizens so that no one is left behind. The program aims to give free meals to those in need, including the elderly, poor patients, the unemployed, the homeless, etc. who are living in the City.

After the first 4 phases of the program, 170,000 meals had been offered. In phase 5, with the companionship of BIDV, the program with the message “Hanoi’s Love - BIDV’s Heart” is expected to give at least 18,000 free meals (worth VND30,000 each) to the disadvantaged people and poor patients in the City. In particular, the program also supports free meals for people from the Southern provinces traveling through Hanoi on the way back to their hometown.

As a leading financial institution in the country, BIDV has carried out many social security programs during the fight against the pandemic, such as: Funding for the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund; emergency support for localities, medical facilities and healthcare workers; support in kind to help people overcome difficulties caused by the pandemic; support disadvantaged students in the program “Internet connection and computers for children”... Since the beginning of 2020, BIDV has offered over VND250 billion as direct support for the pandemic prevention and control.

For more information, please contact:

Branding and Communication Department

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam JSC (BIDV)

Tel: (+84)24 22205256; Fax: (+84)24 22200399


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