On the morning of 5 November 2022 in Hanoi and more than 20 provinces/cities nationwide, the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) launched an online charity running race “BIDVRUN - Warm Tet for the Poor 2023”.

In this 3rd time, the running race will take place for 22 days, from 5 November to 26 November 2022. In this race, all kilometers achieved will be converted into cash sponsored by BIDV to present gifts to the poor on the Vietnam’s Lunar New Year 2023. Each kilometer is equivalent to VND1,000 to VND3,000 (depending on the applicable time).

“Warm Tet for the Poor 2023” run race attracts thousands of runners

On the launching day, for each valid kilometer, runners will contribute VND3,000 to the “Warm Tet for the Poor 2023” program. During the program, multiple events will be organized for runners to improve their contribution.

In just a short time after the Launching Ceremony, nearly 26,000 runners registered and recorded an achievement of more than 67,000km, equivalent to more than VND200 million in cash.

Mr. Tran Xuan Hoang – BOD member, Chairman of BIDV’s Trade Union, Head of the Race Organizing Committee gives an opening speech on the Launching Day

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Mr. Tran Xuan Hoang, BOD member, Chairman of BIDV’s Trade Union, Head of the Race Organizing Committee emphasized:

Since 2019, the running race has become an annual cultural event, marking BIDV’s great contribution to the community. The enthusiastic participation by a large number of BIDV employees and customers has brought great encouragement and support for the running race in particular and the sports movement in general.

Regularly participating in online charity runs organized by BIDV, Mr. Trieu Duong - a member of Thai Nguyen Runners Club - shared:

BIDV’s “Warm Tet for the Poor” run race has become popular among the runners community. Joining BIDV from the first race, for Thai Nguyen Runners Club members, running is extremely meaningful in that they not only run for their health but also for the poor and make contribution to share with millions of disadvantaged people and families nationwide.

Runners enthusiastically participate in the running race

To participate in the race, runners can download and register for BIDVRUN app on App Store, Google Play or via https://run.bidv.com.vn. For detailed information about the running race, please visit https://run.bidv.com.vn and Warm Tet for the Poor Fanpage.

“BIDVRUN - Warm Tet for the Poor” is an annual running race organized by BIDV since 2019. Under this event, BIDV employees, customers and the public can join hands to donate Tet gifts to the poor every New Year. Participating in the running race is also a chance for runners to improve their sportsmanship and health conditions. The race attracts nearly 60,000 runners annually and has made a total distance of 5.1 million kilometers. Accordingly, BIDV has donated more than VND19.4 billion (equivalent to 38,800 gifts) for disadvantaged families across the country.

This is one of two online charity running races organized by BIDV every year. Previously, in April, on the occasion of its anniversary (26th April), BIDV organized “BIDVRUN - For a Green Life” to convert mileage into cash donated by BIDV to build flood-proof community houses and carry out “01 million trees” program launched by BIDV in response to the “one billion trees” program initiated by the Prime Minister.



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