On 25 November 2020, at the announcement ceremony of Vietnam National Value 2020, BIDV was awarded the title Vietnam Value. This is the sixth time BIDV has been honoured with this prestigious national brand title.

The Vietnam Value Programme is the unique and long-term trade promotion programme of the Vietnamese government, which is carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in coordination with other ministries and agencies. The programme has been implemented since 2003 and aims to build and develop national brands through supporting domestic businesses in the economy, thereby promoting the image of Vietnam as a country with quality goods and services and enhancing the competitiveness for Vietnamese businesses in the domestic and international markets.

The National Value is the recognition of the role, value and contribution of BIDV to the country’s socio-economic development and international integration. This is a driving force for BIDV to continue enhancing the value of products, services and competitiveness, contributing to bolstering the reputation and image of Vietnamese businesses in general and the Vietnamese banking industry in particular in the regional and international market.

Over the past years, BIDV has constantly diversified and improved the quality of products and services, launching more than 1,600 payment services to customers to increase customer experience. BIDV has pioneered in launching modern electronic banking applications and products such as BIDV SmartBanking, iBank, applying blockchain in trade finance as well as new technology in Robotics and artificial intelligence. In 2020 with the motto "Change to lead", BIDV continues to promote the digital transformation of customer base - a strong step in its effort to serve customers better. Currently, BIDV is serving nearly 12 million individual customers and more than 300,000 corporate customers.

By the end of September 2020, BIDV’s total assets had reached VND1.47 quadrillion - the largest commercial bank in Vietnam. BIDV boasts a network of more than 1,000 branches and transaction offices nationwide as well as presence in 6 countries and territories. For years, BIDV has been in the Top 2,000 largest public companies (according to Forbes), world's Top 500 most valuable banking brands (according to Brand Finance), Top 10 largest businesses in Vietnam for 4 consecutive years (2017-2020), among others.

For further information, please contact:

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam JSC

Tel: (+84) 024.22205544 - Hotline: 19009247

Website: www.bidv.com.vn


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