On 15 November 2018 in Hanoi, the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) was honored to receive "Employer of the Year 2018” award. With this award, BIDV was one among 10 outstanding enterprises who received the Certificate of Merit from Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

This prestigious annual award was jointly organized by Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The award honors enterprises devoting sustained efforts in improving work environment, strictly complying with provisions of Vietnamese law while keeping up international standards, properly balancing enterprises’ interests, employees’ benefits and social welfares, thereby contributing to promoting reputation of Vietnamese enterprises in the international arena.

Beating hundreds of candidates through many rounds of assessment, BIDV was honored to place itself in Top 10 enterprises awarded with VCCI’s Certificate of Merit. According to the Organizing Committee, this year’s candidates had made great efforts to improve both material and spiritual life of workers, focus on trade union activities, strengthen social dialogue and continuously enhance working conditions, etc.

Over its long history of development, BIDV has put top priority on its human resources as a key factor for its sustainable growth and remarkable successes. Therefore, one of BIDV's most important objectives is to build, maintain and develop its human resources both in quantity and quality to meet the business objectives and strategies of BIDV itself and political tasks of the banking sector. With its ceaseless efforts and determination over the year, BIDV has built professional outstanding human resources in comparison with other commercial banks in Vietnam. The bank’s talent attraction and retention policy has been applied coherently and consistently over a long period of time with comprehensive solutions.

BIDV is one of the leading commercial banks focusing on human resource training. Various professional training courses for all employees nationwide have been organized annually at BIDV Training Institution. The Industry 4.0 not only boosts its digital banking transformation, but also blows a new wind of change to the Bank’s training activities, manifested through the promotion of online training and improvement of learning materials, thereby enhancing quality of professional training for employees.

A competitive performance-based compensation policy also has been established, through which employees’ salary, bonus and promotion will be decided based upon their performance and contribution, which offers a great chance for young talents to be recognized for their dedication. In addition, BIDV has paid great attention to employee’s personal growth, ensuring the material and spiritual benefits for the employees based on their contribution to the Bank’s successes in compliance with applicable law.

Employee welfare also receives great attention from the Bank. For retired employees who encounter difficulties, the Bank supports them in building and repairing their houses. In addition, for staff suffering critical diseases, children sickness, disability, etc., BIDV’s Trade Union calls for support from all employees system-wide and provides further financial support from the Bank’s welfare fund.

Every year, BIDV’ Trade Union has always been recognized by the Vietnam National Union of Bank Workers as a leading trade union which properly implements Resolutions and plans of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and Vietnam National Union of Bank Workers, actively contributing to the excellent completion of political tasks and business plans of the Bank itself and the banking sector. On account of its great and effective contribution to community-social security programs, BIDV was awarded Certificate of Merit by Vietnam General Confederation of Labor in 2016 and Emulation Flag for the leading unit in banking sector by the Vietnam National Union of Bank Workers in 2017.


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