From 15 March 2021, BIDV officially launched the international/domestic card locking service via text message with the following content:

1. Applicable card type: BIDV domestic/international card

2. Message syntax:

Lock 01 domestic/international card: send KHOA_[first 6 digits]_[last 4 digits]_[ID number] to 8149

Lock all domestic cards: send Faculty_[ID Number] to 8149

In particular:

+ KHOA: is the code identifying the card locking function via SMS of BIDV

+ [first 6 digits]_[last 4 digits]: the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number to be locked

+ [ID Number]: is the number of personal documents such as ID card or Passport registered with BIDV. For passport numbers, customers enter both alphanumeric characters and enter them immediately with numeric characters. Example: B123456

+ The "_" sign is a space in the message


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