Withdrawal limit

Maximum withdrawal limit: VND 50 MILLION/day

Incentive point

Thousands of gold points

Payment limit

Unlimited payment amount

    • Cash withdrawal and payment for goods and services at all ATM/POS card payment acceptance points with Napas and BIDV logos (domestic and abroad).
    • Register for BIDV Pay+ and Cash withdrawal by QR Code using mobile device at BIDV’s ATMs
    • Mobile Payment through Apps: Samsung Pay, BIDV Pay+.
    • Online bill payment service
    • Interbank money transfer via ATM
    • Link to VND accounts
    • Simple consumption without carrying cash
    • Safe and secure payment channel
    • Safe and effective spend management with SMS notification
    • Interest earned on account balance
  • Maximum withdrawal amount/day at BIDV's ATMsVND 50,000,000
  • Maximum number of withdrawal/day at BIDV's ATMs 20 times
  • Maximum transfer amount/day VND 100,000,000
  • First issuance fee (VND, excluding VAT) VND 30,000
  • Annual fee (VND, excluding VAT) VND 20,000
  • Cash withdrawal fee at BIDV's ATMs VND 1,000/transaction
  • Cash withdrawal fee at other banks' ATMsDomestic: VND 3,000/transaction; Abroad: VND 40,000/transaction
  • Internal fund transfer at BIDV's ATMs0.05% of transfer amount; VND 2,000 at minimum, VND 15,000 at maximum
  • Internal fund transfer at other banks' ATMs VND 1,500/transaction
  • Account balance inquiry at BIDV's ATMs (without invoice)Free-of-charge
  • Account balance inquiry at other banks' ATMsDomestic: VND 500/transaction; Abroad: VND 10,000/transaction
  • Invoice print fee (BIDV's ATMs only)VND 500/transaction
  • Cash withdrawal fee at BIDV's POS 0.5% of transaction amount, VND 5,000 at minimum
    • 1. Application for issuance and use of card cum terms and conditions: Download file:
    • Hợp đồng phát hành thẻ (Contract)
    • Điều kiện điều khoản (Terms and conditions)
    • 2. Identification documents:
    • Vietnamese citizens: Copy of ID document of cardholder.
    • Foreigners:
    • 1, Copies of valid passport and visa (for cases where visas are not exempted according to Vietnamese law) of cardholder and cardholder's legal representative (if applicable);
    • 2, Documents proving legal residence period in Vietnam of 12 months or more
    • Remarks: For cases where the supplementary cardholder is less than 15 years old and the primary cardholder is not legal representative of the supplementary cardholder: Copies of valid citizen ID card/ID card/Passport of supplementary cardholder's legal representative.





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