On the 64th Anniversary of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Viet Nam - BIDV (26 April 1957 - 26 April 2021) and to congratulate BIDV on receiving Best Retail Bank award in Vietnam for the 6th time and celebrate the launching of BIDV SmartBanking - the new generation digital banking app, BIDV has launched a “Gratitude Week” program with a series of events and special offers for customers.

Friend referral, unlimited offers

From 26 April 2021 to 31 July 2021, BIDV officially launches the promotion program “Friend referral, unlimited offers” for customers who refer their friends and relatives to use BIDV SmartBanking. Accordingly, after successful registration of SmartBanking, both the referrer and the referred will be eligible to the gift duo as follows:

 - Gift in cash of VND50,000 when the referred is a new-to-bank customer (Without CIF at BIDV).

- Gift in cash of VND30,000 when the referred is a BIDV customer (having CIF at BIDV) who has not registered for SmartBanking.

Moreover, from 26 April 2021 to 30 June 2021, any customers who register for SmartBanking in any form will receive cash gift of VND50,000 (In this case, “Friend referral, unlimited offers” program will not apply).

Especially, during the “Gratitude Week” from 26 April 2021 to 3 May 2021, the gift value will be doubled.

How to make simple referral on SmartBanking:

Step 1: Log into BIDV SmartBanking App

Step 2: Select “SmartBanking Referral” feature

Step 3: Select the share icon to send referral link to friends, relatives and post on social media (e.g. Facebook, SMS, Zalo...)

Step 4: Complete sharing.

In addition to gifts directly offered for new registration, from now until 30 June 2021, with each transaction of at least VND500,000 on SmartBanking (except money transfer to the same account holder), customers have the opportunity to win attractive prizes as follows:

- 01 Special Prize: 01 Hyundai Accent car worth VND430 million.

- 01 First Prize every week:  Savings passbook/cash worth VND10 million.

- 02 Second Prizes every week:  Money transfer worth VND2 million.

Great incentives in a diverse ecosystem

Customers who experience diverse products and services on BIDV SmartBanking ecosystem from 26 April to 3 May 2021 will also enjoy many attractive incentives:

- Enter BIDVTRIAN code to get a discount of VND100,000 for Flight Booking transactions worth at least VND500,000 (100 codes/day)

- VND50,000 cashback for Train/Bus Booking, Hotel Booking, Movie Ticket Booking worth at least VND150,000  (100 turns/day)

- Applicable for transactions made on BIDV SmartBanking.

Launching “B-Free - Beyond Waived Fees” account package

Also on this occasion, from 26 April 2021, BIDV officially launches 05 account packages “B-Free - Beyond Waived Fees” including: Basic, Classic, Gold, Diamond & Salary. Accordingly, each BIDV customer is “tailored” to a suitable account package under which they can enjoy free transfer and many other fees waiver. In particular, it is extremely easy to register or cancel the account package and/or select and change transaction limits to align with their needs on SmartBanking free of charge without visiting any BIDV’s counter.

B-Free Salary Package


B-Free Basic Package


B-Free Classic Package

B-Free Gold Package

B-Free Diamond Package

+ Exclusively for payroll customers of BIDV.

+ No minimum account balance is required and all fees are waived including online money transfer fee, account management fee, card issuance fee, etc.

+ For customers with basic transaction needs.

+ Maintain an average balance of VND1,000,000 to enjoy waiver for 04 types of fees such as internal money transfer fee, account management fee, etc.

+ For customers who regularly make money transfer and online transactions.

+ Maintain an average balance of VND3,000,000 to enjoy waiver for money transfer fee, account management fee, domestic debit card issuance fee, etc.

+ For customers who have high demand for online money transfer and card usage.

+ Maintain an average balance of VND7,000,000 to enjoy waiver for money transfer fee, account management fee, domestic debit & Platinum credit card issuance fee, domestic debit card annual fee and other Platinum card privileges.

+ For customers who have high demand for financial transactions, especially those who want to enjoy premium card privileges

+ Maintain an average balance of VND20,000,000 to enjoy waiver for online money transfer fee, domestic debit card withdrawal fee at BIDV ATMs, BSMS fee and enjoy Platinum card privileges.

In addition, BIDV continues to enhance personalized experiences on SmartBanking by offering customers options to select their desired account package and change transaction limit to align with their needs.

Explore the “Digital Banking Universe” with the first XR technology event in Vietnam

To welcome the new generation digital banking SmartBanking, on 26 April 2021, BIDV will organize the event “SmartBanking Digital Banking Universe”, the first genuine Extended Reality (XR) technology event in Vietnam, with the participation of famous KOLs in Vietnamese showbiz, including:

- Rapper, Producer – Rhymastic: the powerful judge of Rap Viet program, who is behind a series of hit singles and owns million-viewed rap songs on social media.

- Travel Blogger – Khoai Lang Thang: a familiar face to young people who love traveling throughout Vietnam. Owning a Youtube channel of more than 1.5 million followers, he inspires others with the message of living passionately through hundreds of videos exploring the beautiful Vietnam, accompanying with various volunteer activities.

- Actress Truc Anh: Known for portraying Ha Lan in the famous movie “Dreamy Eyes” directed by Victor Vu. With her talent and charm, Truc Anh is currently one of the bright potential faces of Vietnamese cinema.

At the “SmartBanking Digital Banking Universe” event, the three idols will be brought to different planets in the SmartBanking technology solar system and receive “secret” tasks to transform technologies from solar system to Earth. How will this journey with countless difficulties challenge these idols, how will they handle it, and will they be able to activate the “mystical energy column” to complete the task? Please watch to cheer and encourage these idols at 20:00 on 26 April 2021 on BIDV fanpage:  https://www.facebook.com/BIDVbankvietnam

Especially, during this event with thrilling yet exciting activities, you will have the opportunity to receive extremely valuable prizes including cash gifts of VND10 million and lots of vouchers worth VND500,000 each, totaling up to VND65 million. All of these will be revealed at the upcoming live premiere event.

Through a series of events and incentives in the “Gratitude Week”, BIDV wishes to convey itself as a bank with robust and comprehensive breakthrough in the digital transformation race in order to bring customers a new ecosystem with outstanding functions, which help save time, costs and enhance customer experience.

Not only known for plentiful attractive incentives, SmartBanking - new generation digital banking app with outstanding upgrades also brings a consistent and seamless experience on smartphones, PCs, smart watches (Apple watch) and smart keyboards with a diverse ecosystem of features such as: eKYC-based online account opening; personalized UI/UX, wallpaper, profile picture; characterized by countless basic features such as: 24/7 instant money transfer, money transfer scheduling, online savings, bill payment, phone top-up, QR Pay... to advanced features such as air ticket booking, hotel booking, movie ticket booking, etc.

Download new generation digital bank SmartBanking at: http://bit.ly/SmartBankingmoi

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