As a deep gratitude to valuable customers who have accompanied BIDV throughout the year and to welcome the Year of the Pig 2019, BIDV has launched an extensive promotion program "Loving New Year Journey 2019" with various attractive incentives applied to retail banking services with a total prize value of over VND30 billion.

This annual program is especially offered to individual customers to increase customer's experience and service value, which is also a deep gratitude to customers who have trusted and selected to become BIDV's long-term companion.

With the program "Loving New Year Journey" in 2019, BIDV wishes to bring joy and luck to all customers countrywide. As a preferential program with largest scope and highest value in the year, Loving New Year Journey 2019 gives customers great opportunities to win at various products and services, including: Term deposits, Inward remittances (Western Union, Swift), BIDV SmartBanking, Cards (domestic, international), Online deposits ...

With diversified, flexible prize structure, customers will enjoy bountiful chances to win valuable and attractive prizes, including: Huyndai Accent car worth VND500 million/prize, 2 Giant sport-bikes with Garmin accessories worth VND200 million/prize, lucky scratch cards, gifts at the time of transaction, etc.

Especially, in the bustling atmosphere of welcoming the New Year 2019, BIDV  launches the program "Golden Month" with many attractive forms of lucky draw, under which prizes are offered in every branch among 188 BIDV branches nationwide.

Accordingly, in the golden month (from 17 December, 2018 to 18 January, 2019), each customer is entitled to participate in 2 incentive options and 04 winning opportunities when making transactions at BIDV branches nationwide, specifically as follows:

1.    Option 1: Golden week

Applicable time for "Golden week" in each area is as follows:


Applicable period

North Central Coast, South Central Coast and Central Highlands

17/12/2018 – 21/12/2018

Red River Delta, Northern Mountain Region and Mekong River Delta

24/12/2018 – 28/12/2018

Northern Economic Driving area and Southern Economic Driving area

07/01/2019 – 11/01/2019

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

14/01/2019  – 18/01/2019

Customers who  make transaction at BIDV's transaction points during the Golden Week will have 3 winning chances with many attractive prizes:

- Opportunity 1: Gifts offered at the time of transaction

Customer performing one of the following transactions: Inward remittance via Western Union/Swift channel from USD200 or equivalent; Register at counters and make fee-incurring transactions on BIDV SmartBanking; Issue new BIDV Credit cards; Deposits with terms of 6 months or more will receive gifts including high-quality Tupperware water bottle or Pastel porcelain cup.

- Opportunity 2: Lucky draw by branch

Prize of lucky draw by branch worth VND2,000,000/prize. The total number of prizes is 188 corresponding to 188 BIDV branches.

- Opportunity 3: Lucky draw by area

Prize of lucky draw by area is 1 SJC 9999 gold tael or savings book worth VND38 million for savings book of at least 1 month term. Number of prizes is 10, corresponding to 10 areas.

Opportunity 2 and opportunity 3 apply to customers who make one of the following transactions: Deposits with terms of more than 6 months; Inward remittance via Western Union/Swift channel from USD200 or equivalent; Register at the counter and make fee-incurring transactions on BIDV SmartBanking.

2.   Option 2: Lucky draw by Northern-Southern regions

Also during this time, customers performing one of the following transactions: Inward remittance via Western Union/Swift channel from USD200 or equivalent; Register at the counter and make fee-incurring transactions on BIDV SmartBanking will have the opportunity to win 2 Giant sport-bikes with premium Garmin accessories worth VND 200 million/prize when participating in end-of-program lucky draw (prize allocated by Northern - Southern regions (*).

(*) The North includes 05 areas: North Central Coast, Red River Delta, Northern Economic Driving area, Northern Mountain Region, Hanoi. Southern region includes 05 areas: Mekong River Delta, Southern Economic Driving area, Ho Chi Minh area, South Central Coast, Central Highlands. Please find the attached list for branches divided by region.

Please visit BIDV's website at to update the latest preferential products and services for BIDV's individual customers.

Please click here for program regulations.

For detailed information, please contact your nearest BIDV branch or call BIDV 24/7 Contact Center via Hotline: 1900 9247


Inspired with clients' trust throughout its development, BIDV has made its best efforts to continuously offer diversified products and services to clients. These efforts not only enable the Bank to satisfy growing demand of clients, but also receive high recognition from prestigious domestic and international organizations. Accordingly, BIDV is proud to be the first and only bank to receive “Best Retail Bank Vietnam” award for 4 consecutive years (from 2015 to 2018) by The Asian Banker and the only bank to be honored with "Vietnam Outstanding Retail Bank" award by the Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA) and the International Data Group (IDG) for 3 consecutive years (2016 & 2018).





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