Making online transaction at zero cost, extra 0.2% for online savings, cashback up to 6% for card purchase online or up to 10% for card purchase at supermarkets, opening bank account online with eKYC, online bill payment... and countless beneficial services for customers that BIDV is offering during the outbreak of the pandemic.

Amid the complicated outbreak of Covid-19, staying at home has become the new standard of living. Now you can enjoy all convenient life services with the help of BIDV.

Staying at home is still free - Free money transfer with B-Free

Don't be afraid of transfer fees when shopping online, customers can register for B-Free service packages on BIDV SmartBanking app. With diverse packages, flexible limit change, users can enjoy free online money transfer, free account management, free domestic debit card issuance, free domestic debit card withdrawal at ATM... As online transactions are encouraged to prevent the spread of the disease, these packages will help users save considerable time and costs.

Staying at home is still convenient - Paying electricity and water bills with just a few steps

Customers can make payments for electricity, water or other essential services with just a few steps in the "Payment" feature within BIDV SmartBanking. Just select the payment item (electricity/water/telecommunication/television/tuition/insurance/…), select the service provider in the area you live, enter the customer code and the amount to pay, essential services will never be interrupted, helping customers reduce their worries when staying at home.

Staying at home is healthy - Shopping with BIDV SmartBanking and BIDV card

With "VnShop Online Shopping" feature, customers can comfortably shop the whole world at home. This feature is user-friendly, safety, and highly secured. Especially, in August 2021, more attractive offers are about to come to encourage customers to shop online.

Moreover, BIDV Platinum Cashback card will bring the outside world closer to your home. With cashback up to 6% in e-commerce or up to 10% in the supermarket, customers can get a maximum cashback of VND7.2 million p.a when using this type of card. In addition, cardholders could receive "double" incentives when shopping at Tiki, Shopee: immediate discount of VND150,000 with orders from VND 1 million or refund up to VND200,000 per month when making purchases on foreign website, VND500,000 refunded when paying for insurance online… Stay at home and shop the world with BIDV card!

Staying at home is still beneficial – Get a lot of offers right away

During the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, saving online with the ability to deposit / withdraw anytime anywhere is a smart choice to ensure safety. No need to get out of your house, no need to wait at the counter, moreover you are already offered the extra 0.2% p.a for terms from 3-11 months compared to the interest rate listed at the counter.

At the same time, in order to encourage online transactions, avoid direct contact to protect the health of users and the community, customers will get 100% free of money transfer fees (until 30 September 2021) for those who register BIDV SmartBanking online.

Moreover, individual customers borrowing at BIDV will also be relieved of interest payment charge when BIDV reduces lending interest rates for existing outstanding loans as of 15 July 2021 for customers affected by the pandemic, with a loan interest rate reduction of up to 1% p.a, applicable to loans for production and business activities (including accommodation, restaurant services, resorts, hotels, transport business, taxi…) and consumption loans. Individual customers affected by Covid-19 who newly disburse loans for production and business activities will enjoy preferential interest rates of only 4% p.a (term up to 12 months) from now until 31 December 2021, the size of the credit package is VND20,000 billion.

Staying at home is still interesting  - Just relax and click

In order to create more convenience and joy for customers, BIDV creates more attractive activities from afar such as:

Enjoy the original “BIDV SmartBanking All-in” for a more vibrant life at home and immerse yourself in the dances of professional dancers such as Hanoi XGirls, BKE team, B.Nashor, BIDV Cam Pha, BIDV Cau Giay, … on BIDV's social network. The "genuine" utilities of BIDV SmartBanking such as e-KYC, QR code payment, money transfer, etc. are all shown through these wonderful and creative dance moves.

Just a few taps on the screen, fill in information, customers can choose to register for the issuance of non-physical cards (for domestic debit cards) or choose to issue physical cards, receive cards at home (for international cards). With BIDV SmartBanking, beside the ability of quickly register for card online, cardholders can also manage cards easily with the function of changing PIN, looking up card transactions, paying cards, etc. in just one click.

With a series of features deployed on BIDV SmartBanking application and attractive incentives from the overall savings products, personal loans, cards, customers are encouraged to perform digital transactions, ensuring the 5K principle of disease prevention. Staying at home with ease – Because BIDV is at home with you.

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