Facing the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic, BIDV cuts and reduces online banking and ATM service fees.

Accordingly, 6 fees will be fee or deducted including:

  1. Waiver of transfer fees (within BIDV or inter-banking) for customers register for BIDV SmartBanking via online channels;
  2. Waiver of up to 10 service fees for customers registering for B-Free packages, in particular, all money transfer fees will be free;
  3. Waiver of 24/7 transfer fee via ATM;
  4. 5% off withdrawal fee at other banks’ ATMs;
  5. Up to 1% off lending interest rates for individual customers affected by Covid-19 pandemic and having outstanding balance until 15 July 2021, total budget of VND416 billion;
  6. Reduce lending interest rates for business loans to 4% p.a. for customers customers affected by Covid-19 pandemic until 31 December 2021, with total budget of VND20,000.

This program lasts from 6 August 2021 to 31 December 2021. For B-Free packages, customers can easily register for your selected package right on BIDV SmartBanking or at the counter, and receive the waiver of fees for life. You can also look up for other fees on the app.

So far, BIDV has continuously offers promotion programs (for products such as BIDV SmartBanking, card, insurance…) which promote online banking to encourage transaction at home to prevent the decease. Total budget BIDV offers to customers affected by Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 is expected at VND6,500 billion.

With BIDV SmartBanking, customers can register for B-Free packages and transfer money at no cost, also experience unique features such as:

  •  Flexibly change package and transaction limits.
  • Customize your image within the app, organize favorite features, set up your frequent contacts, mange expense and income, give money, etc.
  • 1 username and 1 password across platforms including website, mobile, smart watch, smart keyboard.
  • Over 2,000 payment services for electric, water, tuition fee, movie ticket, air/train ticket, shopping online, etc.
  • Only BIDV SmartBanking that allows access to internet banking via Smart Watch and Smart Keyboard. No need to close your current screen on messaging app such as Zalo, Viber, Messenger, you can still make a transaction.

How to register online for BIDV SmartBanking here.

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