From now until the end of 30 November 2021, customers in Mekong Delta region participating in the promotion program "Make online transactions for thousands of gifts" on BIDV SmartBanking will have the opportunity to receive 16,800 gifts in cash and 714 lucky prizes.

Online deposit - extra 0.2% interest rate, win Smart TV

From now  to 30/11/2021,customers only need to send savings online on SmartBanking application from  VND50 million, term of 3 months  or more at one of BIDV branches in Mekong Delta region (list of branches applying attached) will have the opportunity to participate in the lottery to win utility prizes including:

84 First Prize each being 01 Smart TV Sony 43 inch worth VND10 million; 84 second prizes  each being 01 Karofi RO water purifier worth VND5 million and  420 third prizes each being 01 air conditioner fan worth VND2 million. The prizes will be divided equally by 02 lucky draws.

The customer's bonus code is the number of online deposit accounts eligible to participate in the program (the number currently on the screen ending BIDV SmartBanking application transaction when customers successfully deposit). The program with  02 dials  is for eligible customers according to the program rules, specifically:

Phase 1: Open on 29 October 2021 for customers who deposit savings online to meet the rules from 20 September 20, 2021 to 30 October 20, 2021.

Phase 2: Open on 10 December 2021 for customers who deposit savings online to meet the rules from 21 October2021 to 30 November 2021.

In addition, when depositing online on BIDV  SmartBanking term from 3-11   months, customers are  added 0.2% interest rate compared to the interest rate listed at the counter.

BIDV SmartBanking registration receives gifts up to VND350,000 (*)

Customers who do not have information at BIDV when  registering BIDV SmartBanking with eKYC (online registration right on the application), and generate financial transactions during the promotion period,  will receive a gift combo of up to VND 350,000,  including:

+ Up to  VND100,000  in cash transfers.

+ Combo voucher VND200,000, including 2 VNPAY-QR discount codes and 2 Vnshop discount codes, worth VND50,000/code.

+ Immediately refund 50% of the first phone top-up value on the app up to VND50,000.

Note: (*) Vouchers and refund cards apply to the first 1,000 customers who sign up and successfully activate the service every day.

Customers who register BIDV SmartBanking service at the counter and have financial transactions incurred during the promotion period will receive  VND  50,000  immediately upon successful registration.

Financial transactions are transactions that change the balance of the customer's account, made by the customer himself such as money transfer, savings deposit, bill payment ... ,  but does not include bank tolling and interest-paying transactions.

Chance to win lucky gifts for small business customers

Customers with small business lines registered BIDV SmartBanking newly donated money in the above program and have  an average non-term deposit of VND5 million or more  (from  00:00 on October 1, 2021 to 23:59 on November 30, 2021) will be allowed to participate in the final draw of the program,  The bonus code is the customer identification number (CIF number) issued by the bank. The draw is scheduled for December 10, 2021. The prize structure  includes:

21 first prizes: Each prize 01  Sony Smart TV 43 ch worth 10 million; 42 second prizes  each 01 RO Kangaroo water purifier; 63 third prizes  each 01 air conditioner fan worth 2 million.

Before 02 days of the draw, BIDV will publish the list of eligible customers to dial on Website,send OTT information on SmartBanking application and list at  branches, BIDV transaction offices in Dong Dong Mekong region.

For more details,  please contact customer care call center  via 1900 9247 or BIDV branches in Mekong Delta region.


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