In this Febuary, BIDV continues to launch a number of new feautures on BIDV SmartBanking, including: Mortgage loan with saving books, Online insurance purchases, etc., promising to bring new and convenient experiences to customers.

Online Mortgage Loan – Approval in 3 minutes

Do you have an online savings account at BIDV, but the maturity date has not yet been reached, how do you not lose the interest of this savings when drawing before?

Immediately use the online savings book mortgage loan feature on BIDV SmartBanking to have the eccesary expenses while still preserving the the saving interest.

Accordingly, the maximum loan limit is up to 90% of the asset value, a maximum of 1 billion VND/lpan and 03 billion VND for each customer. Maximum loan term is equal to the term of savings bool. In particular, the loan approval and disbursement takes place automatically and quickly in just a few minutes; The settlement at maturity is also completely automatic, helping customers save time and effort when they do not need to go to the counter as well as keep track of their loans due.

In addition, customer can actively pay the loan before maturity. All transactions are done anytime, anywhre and are not restricted on public holidays…

Steps to create a loan on BIDV SmartrBanking:

Step 1: Log in to BIDV SmartBanking, select the “Loan” feature.

Step 2: Select “Create a loan => “Pledge online deposit”

Step 3: Fill the required information, select the account to grant the loan (overdraft account). (In case the customer does not have an overdraft account, follow the íntsructions on the application to open an account).

Step 4: Check contract information and enter OTP code to confirm loan origination. On the expiry date of the overdraft loan, BIDV automativally closed the customer’s passbook to pay the overdraft loan, and at the same time records the remaining principal and interest to be transfered to customer’s current deposit account.

In case the customer needs to repay the loan early with another source of money (not the mortgage savings book), the customer shall do the following:

Step 1: Log in BIDV SmartBanking, select the “Loan” feauture.

Step 2: Select “Terminate overdraft limit”

Step 3: Select the required informtaion

Step 4: Check the information and enter OTP to complete the loan payment

Buy Insurance online

Customers can buy online insurance such as health insurance, travel ínusrance, accident insurance, and claim online right on BIDV SmartBanking application with preferential rates. Very attractive discount offer, up to 50% fee. Insurance claims are also made online right on the application, increasiing the convenience for customers using the service.

Customers only need to follow 3 simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Log in to  BIDV SmartBanking, select the “Insurance” feature

Step 2: Choose the type of insurance that the customer needs, for example Health insurance

Step 3: View details of benefits, insurance rules, personal information…;Select payment account and enter OTP to confirm order

For customers wishing to learn about life insuảnce products, BIDV also provides the “BIDV Metlife” feature, which helps customers (1) Find out information about insurance pakages that BIDV Metlife provides; (2) Information on special offers and promotions for customers from time to time; (3) Consulting product packages that suitable to the customer needs through the information that customers provide on the application..

Login/ Re-issue password on unknown device, authenticate with eKYC

Remove the risk of login/password reset on unknown devices with eKYC authenitcation on BIDV SmartBanking. Customers will be authentivated by face ID before login/reset password on the new device.

Specificially, in order to log in or use the “Forgot pasword on another mobile device” feature, you need to turn “ON” the “Login/Forgot password on other mobile device” setting on the SmartBanking application. When the setting is enabled, the system will collect face data (eKYC) and perdorm  face matching when you log in  to SmartBanking or use the “Forgot password on another mobile device” feature. This helps to ensure that the person who logging in is the owner, thereby protecting the maximum safety on the customer’s account, limiting the risk of hackers stealing personal information and illegally logging in to takeover the asset.

Steps to turn “ON” the installation:

Step 1: Update BIDV SmartBanking to the latest version and Log in on your old device (the latest device that you have successfully logged in);

Step 2: Go to “Login Settings”, enable “Login/Forgot Password on other mobile devices” and follow the instructions.

*Customers can actively set “On/Off” this feature right on BIDV SmartBanking application depending on actual usage needs.

*SmartBanking service on web browser: In the “Online Banking” section on BIDV’s website or direct link :

 BIDV is currently waiving 100% of fees on BIDV Smartbanking, and giving away  65,000 VND to new customers an 01 mace of gold to 10 customers with a total positive net balance of the highest paying accounts everyday. Details at:






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