Accumulated deposits, Sending gifts, Memembership Rewward program.. are some of the cool new feautures launched by BIDV SmartBanking users this January, promíing to bring new and convinenient experiences to customers.

Sending gifts to many people in a split second

In order to welcome the Lunar New Year 2022, BIDV launches the Sending gifts featủe to many people. Accordingly, customers can manually choose, write wishes, and include meaningful lucky money numbers to send to relatives and friends right on the same transaction screen (maximum 10 people/transaction).

To send gifts, follow 4 simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Log in to BIDV SmartBanking, select the "Sending gift" feature.

Step 2: Choose the card and wish you want

Step 3: Select sender and recipient accounts; Enter the amount of money. Note: Customers can choose to send “Same amount of money” or “Different amount of money” to different people. Add recipients by selecting the “Add recipients” button and following the instruction.

Deposit accumulated from only 100,000 VND

Customer will not have to wait for a good amount of money to save, the new Accumulated deposit feature can help customers to save anytime, anywhere with an amount money start from 100,000 VND. With this features, customers only need to open Accumulated Deposit account and “raise pigs” daily, with no limit on the number of deposits, by placing automatic orders periodcally weekly/monthly or once at a time according to demand. Product are flexible and help customers save maximum spending.

Specially, you can name your Accumulation Deposit account to have more motivation to accumulate and easily distinguish Cumulative Deposit accounts according to yout goals, needs, and interests.

With attracrive interest rates, low minimum deposit amount (100,000 VND/time) and diverse deposit terms (short term less than 1 year and long term up to 5 years), BIDV’s Cumulative Deposit product helps customers to start accumulating from the smallest amount.

Follow these steps to open a cumulative Deposit account:

Step 1: Log in BIDV SmartBanking, select “Online Deposit”

Step 2: Select “Send Online Accumulation” => “Open an Accumulation Account”

Step 3: Double check the contract information and enter the OTP code to confirm.

To deposit more money into Culmulative Deposite account, customers only need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Log in BIDV SmartBanking, select “Online deposit”, select “Send Online Accumulation”.

Step 2: Select the source account and accumulative account to deposit money

Step 3: Enter the amount to be deposit and enter the OTP code to confirm the deposit transaction

Special offers with BIDV Membership Rewards program

From 31/01/2022, BIDV officially launched the Privilege program to connect BIDV Membership Rewards member with numerous incentives for customers when transacting on BIDV SmartBanking and card services. 

Accordingly, customers will earn B-points when performing transactions on BIDV SmartBanking and card services. With successfully accumukated B-points, customers can use them to exchange for gifts such as recharge cards/shopping/dining/travel/flights/refunds

The whole process of accumulating points and redeeming gifts is stored and updated automatically; Customers can look up their points accumulation and gift redemption history at any time on BIDV SmartBanking. With BIDV Membership Rewards, each customer’s transaction is now not only to solve financial problems but also to bring new experiences and new incentives everyay. The more transactions, the bigger the rewward poins. For more details, click here.

Experience BIDV SmartBanking today in two ways:

  • SmartBanking application on Appstore and Google Play Store ( app name: BIDV SmartBanking)
  • SmartBanking service on web browser: At “Online banking” on BIDV’s website or direct link:

        BIDV is currently waiving 100% of fees on BIDV Smartbanking, and giving away  65,000 VND to new customers an 01 mace of gold to 10 customers with a total positive net balance of the highest paying accounts everyday. Details at:


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