Thousands of customers have become BIDV SmartBanking ambassadors and received a lot of gifts from the promotion program “Invite for countless prizes”.

Accordingly, from 26 April to 31 July 2021 or until the budget is fully disbursed, for a successful invitation to install BIDV SmartBanking app, both the inviter and invitee will receive up to VND50,000 each, in particular:

- VND50,000 for each of them if the invitee is a new customer to BIDV

- VND30,000 for each when invitee is already a customer of BIDV, yet registered for BIDV SmartBanking

- Extra VND5 million for Top 20 ambassadors who have invited the highest number of invitees (in April, May, June and July 2021)

- Unlimited gifts for inviters

Congrats to customers who have won the prizes.

3 steps to invite others on SmartBanking:

Step 1: Log in your SmartBanking

Step 2: Select feature “Invite for countless prizes”

Step 3: Click “Share” icon to send your invitation link to other or share to your social media account.

Don’t forget to remind your invitees to click your link and activate BIDV SmartBanking to record a successful invitation.

4 steps to register and claim your gifts as an invitee:

Step 1: Download BIDV SmartBanking on App Store/Play Store or click here

Step 2: Clink on the invitation link of the inviter

Step 3: Register for BIDV SmartBanking as instructed on the app screen (using eKYC or questionare)

Step 4: Login and change your first time password to activate

For more information please visit: or call Hotline 24/7: 1900 9247.


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