Applicable time: from 8 November to 19 November 2019


For each payment with BIDV international cards on BIDV POS located in the selected brands: Puma, Skechers, Trendiano, Mujosh, Aojo, Oasis, Warehouse, Dorothy Perkins store system for bill of no less than VND2,000,000, customers will be cashed back as following:

- Platinum international cards: Cash back 20% (up to VND1,000,000/Brand)

- Other international cards: Cash back 15% (up to VND700,000/Brand) 

Eligible cards :

- Platinum international cards: BIDV Infinite, BIDV MasterCard Platinum, BIDV Visa Platinum, BIDV Vietravel Platinum, BIDV Premier (credit cards and debit cards), MasterCard Platinum debit.

- Other international cards: BIDV Visa Precious, BIDV Visa Smile, BIDV Visa Flexi, BIDV MasterCard Vietravel Standard Credit, BIDV MasterCard Ready, BIDV MasterCard Vietravel Standard Debit, BIDV MasterCard Young +.

Applicable location: see the attached files.

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